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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Crash Pad Drama

Sorry it's been a while since I posted but I've had a crazy time lately with a VERY unique roommate! Here's the thing, we all knew when we got into the crashpad with C that she was interesting, dramatic and emotional...we just had NO idea the rollercoaster ride she'd take us on. Two months ago, there were six of us in this one bedroom apartment in Chicago; now there are four.

So here's what happened. E I were both out on four day trips and finishing up on Friday. A was off visiting one of her five boyfriends, I think this one was in AZ, but who can keep up. Anyway, my showtime for the hotel shuttle was 5:30AM with a 6:50AM departure. Fortunately it was a quiet, uneventful flight, except for the guy in first class who snored or should I say, snorted loudly. We always appreciate the passengers who give us a good laugh!

Ok, back to the crashpad. So I got done around 9AM, hit the crew lounge and then the train. Ten minutes later I was off at the Cumberland stop and dragging my suitcase in the cold, down the street and through a parking garage. I finally got to the apartment, ready to kick off my 3" heels when a surprise literally hit me in the face. I unlocked the door, opened it part way only to see my naked neighbor frantically throwing on shorts and a naked C slamming the door back in my face. So now I'm back in FL recovering from a bruised cheekbone that looks like some madman punched me. And C, she's on a trip right now. I think we've all yelled at her for doing the neighbor on the sofa. Now here's hoping a Jaeger Bomb will remove that image from my mind!


Blogger QueenofSky said...

Wow, that's some juicy stuff, girlfriend!

-Q of S

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